Oh my... yesterday was amazing! Absolutely... ok I'm speachless... not only that but they're so funny, specially David and they're also such gentlemen. For some "unknown" reason, I've remembered all sorts of things when I first saw them, maybe it was because of certain fictions... lol. I just couldn't help it.

When they tried to speak portuguese oh my God! Sebastian even tried to sing a popular portuguese song, in portuguese of course. Hillarious! 

During " A mi manera" David tripped on one of the steps and almost fell but he kept singing. While Sebastian and Carlos were singing David tried to "explain" Urs what happened and, a few moments later (still while singing) he made fun of himself, going down the steps again and ending in a ballerina pose, showing that he could in fact do it without falling, Urs had to turn his face away because he was on the verge of bursting out laughing. Of course the entire audience laughed pretty hard. Honestly my face hurt!

Carlos is always the same charm, claiming he's the only one that's single and that he's looking for that special lady, etc... now where did I heard that before? lol. Sometimes I don't know if I was laughing because of what they were saying or because of what I remembered. 

They have another concert today, in fact they should be half way through it by now. Too bad it ended so quickly. And unfortunately they didn't sing one of my favourite songs, "La Fuerza Maior" oh well.

Oh I almost forgot, there were these 2 ladies next to my mom's friend, one of them (who was apparently a huge Carlos fan) was completely hysterical which ended up being quite annoying. The couple behind her had to move from their seats, fortunately they had 2 in front of me. Come one! She was about 50 probably more, not exactly a teenager.

I did manage to take a few pics, I've tried to take them when there was more light, otherwise they would have ended up too dark to see anything. I have 14 pics, not much but I didn't have front row seats so... but overall I think they came out quite good. I'll post them on my next post,I promise.

Just a note, why the hell was Urs wearing red gloves?! When he changed to the grey outfit. Lol.
Well since I collect My Little Ponies I've come across a few that need some restoration, new manes and tails. So, I've decided to give it a try. It was quite fun actually :)

Here's a pic of what she used to look like, her name is Gipsy:
And here is what she looks like now, sorry about the grainy photo:
I have 2 more that are done, they just need some hair styling before I take pics lol.
Ok so I've got 2 tops I'm considering wearing, probably with black pants or leggings, depends on which one I'll choose. I have a few cute tops and dresses, however they're more fit for summer :(  

Here's a photo of each top, I don't think the pics will them justice but here goes:

Number 1
Number 2
I think I might freez in this one lol. They're not exactly the same colour.
I don't want anything too fancy, but not too "blah" either... maybe I'm over thinking things. Tomorrow I might go through my closet again.
Ok,it's a week and a half for Il Divo (10 days exactly) and so far I'm pretty clueless on what to wear, the weather has been really unstable, either it's raining, or it's sunny and cold. 

The tickets have been "looking" at me for weeks now lol:
Maybe I should wait a little more to see how the weather for next week is going to be. Argh! I need some inspirantion...
Oh my God, I'm so tired... this week was so long. I've started working on monday non stop until today and tomorrow I'm working again until thursday, I'm going insane lol. I do have some weird work schedules, but then again I do everything I love to do, so I can't actually complain that much.

Right now I'm just chilling and trying not to fall asleep, otherwise I might not sleep later at night. I so need vacations lol.
Why, why record companies tend to record different versions of the same album? Why? Sometimes there's the US version, the European version and Asian version. Usually most of them have the same songs/music but they also have others which aren't in the other versions. What happens? We end up buying them all and having 3 or 4 recordings of the same thing. 

Why not having 1 version for the entire world? Ok, maybe 2 if it's a special edition. That would make my life so much easier... decisions, decisions. Lol
Oh my... I ate so much yesterday... too many desserts to choose from lol, not my fault, they were there and it would be a shame not to eat them (who am I trying to convince?). Anyway, it was good day.

Ohhh and in less then 3 weeks I'm going to see Il Divo live... I have to start planning or I'll end up getting too busy and when the time comes I'll freak out.

This week is going to be a long one and I just want it to be over fast!
Finally, my cd arrived today and, surprise, it had a bonus DVD (why didn't I realise it?), which has a few songs of the one I bought yesterday lol. Why do I always ended up with several copies (or partial copies) of the same thing?! Hahahah! Anyway, it was worth it and I've just waited 3 days. Amazon is the best!

Ok, I must go and get ready to leave and do some work lol.
I must have lost my mind... I went back to that record store and ended up buying the DVD lol. Not my fault it had a special price right? (good excuse I know) I just couldnt resist. At least this time the guy knew what I was talking about and didn't look at me like he had no idea what I was talking about.

I'm still waiting on my CD... with a bit of luck it will arrive tomorrow, if not maybe just monday... oh well, at least it's just a couple of days, not 1 month.
Ohhhh niceeeeee! The Cd I ordered from Amazon has been dispached today. Happy, happy, happy!!! Can't wait for it to arrive. This simple fact put a smile on my face :)

Ok now back to work lol.