I've always had a thing for crossovers, that being mixing 2 things that are apparently different. I don't know why but I've always liked earing  a rock band playing with an orchestra such as the Scorpions and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, or of course Il Divo (how could I not mention them?) singing pop songs usuing opera techniques, or hearing violinist David Garrett playing "Master of Puppets". 

Here are some videos:
What's not to like? ;)
Later on today I have a work meeting followed by dinner. It's nothing formal and either one of us takes something to eat and/or drink. I've finished my rice pudding a while ago and it's in the freezer right now. I love that thing lol, it's not too sweet, which is good. Here's a pic:

It's still not solid enough so I've put it back in the refrigerator.
I just hope the meeting ends up quickly... I'm really not in a mood for it, I'm tired