That title didn't sound that good... lol. Well, I'll explain. A few days ago I shared an image on Facebook that said "I have a meaningful relationship with my violin." and although it's entirely true, at the moment I'd say is more like a "...painful relationship...". And why? Well because it is physically painful lol, which is a normal thing at first, so I was told. My body,that is, arms, hands, neck and shoulders, need to adjust to this new posture and I also need to relax a bit more, which is something people don't do at the beginning. I keep thinking to myself: "the violin is not going to fall down and the bow is not going to slip through my fingers", my brain knows this, but apparently my body is ignoring me.

Apart from the still painful part, it's a lot a fun and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I need lots and lots and lots of practice and as weird as it might sound I never let a day go by without practicing. Unfortunately I can't practice as much as I'd like, because of what I wrote above. My teacher told me that as soon as it starts hurting or if I start to get too tense I should stop immediately, relax for a while and then come back. 

I don't think it would be necessary to say this but I can't wait for next class lol. I sound like a little kid...
So it wasn't exactly by the end of that week that I started my new "activity", it was 2 weeks later (I think). I've found a "new passion" in my life. And no, it's not what you might think... just look at the pic below :)
I've always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument as well as reading music, but for some reason or another I never did. However, I never gave up hope that one day I would. I guess the time has come... I have this violin for at least 10 years, it was missing a string, it had to be fixed (I'm not going into details), it needed a new case and now it's as good as new. As for the learning part, it's everything but easy and although the sound isn't exactly what we call music (yet), I fell in love with it, if that's even possible. It became a vice, in a good way :)

Anyway, I'll try to keep this blog updated, now that I have this new "occupation" lol.
I just found this on youtube. I didn't make it, but this was the show I attended and I thought I'd share ;)
I've always had a thing for crossovers, that being mixing 2 things that are apparently different. I don't know why but I've always liked earing  a rock band playing with an orchestra such as the Scorpions and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, or of course Il Divo (how could I not mention them?) singing pop songs usuing opera techniques, or hearing violinist David Garrett playing "Master of Puppets". 

Here are some videos:
What's not to like? ;)
Sometimes I wish I could write a song or something alike... the thing is, sometimes is really difficult to just let all your feelings out, or you just don't know how to express them. I, for one, can't seem to express myself in my native language, which sounds a little ridiculous but it's true. All I can seem to write is in english. Maybe I still didn't find a way to trully express myself when I have and overload of feelings and emotions. Or maybe I'm just too afraid to even try and write it all down. 

Either way, I believe that those who can use those emotions to create something beautiful, may it be music or any kind of art, are trully blessed, they also allow other people to appreciate it and identify themselves with their art. If you're reading this humble post know that, no matter what kind of art you create, it's something precious and it should be appreciated...
Why is it that every time I get bored at home I buy a new CD? I know, this sounds like an excuse to actually buying it LOL, but who cares. It should arrive sometime this week. Anyway, I needed to rest and today I did absolutely nothing, woke up late but I didn't care :) Right now I'm going to have to drag myself out of the couch and 
My mom keeps asking me why I by CD's online instead of buying them on a regular record store. 

Here's why: the CD's I tend to buy aren't available at the moment I want to buy them and when they are they end up being more expensive, or they have to be ordered and take about 2 to 4 weeks to arrive, at the very least. Recently, as in 30 minutes ago lol, I was searching for a CD and, as always the store didn't have it, they could ordered it of course BUT the price was double!!! I was like WHAT?! *looking shocked* I can order the same CD for half the price, shipping included and it arrives in 3 days. And it's not even a new release or anything, it's from 2008 if I'm not mistaken. So I could "borrow" it from the internet, sure, but I'm old fashioned I like my CD's to be original.
This week I took my violin for a collegue of mine to see. I've found out it's about 50/60 years old, has a very good sound, it's a replica of a Stradivarius and it's in a very good shape. One of the strings is missing and the other 3 need to be replaced in the correct order. I was also told that it really worth it to it. That was a surprise because I honestly didn't know what I have. I don't play it (yet... who knows, maybe I'll start) but I've always loved its sound. The piano and the violin are, in fact, my favourite musical instruments.

Speaking of music, apparently everytime one of my friends listens to my David Garrett's CD they immediately want to borrow it. Very few people actually know who he is, or so it seems, and I swear I don't earn anything from it... maybe I should LOL. Then again, I'm glad to know I'm a good influence hahahah!
Oh my... yesterday was amazing! Absolutely... ok I'm speachless... not only that but they're so funny, specially David and they're also such gentlemen. For some "unknown" reason, I've remembered all sorts of things when I first saw them, maybe it was because of certain fictions... lol. I just couldn't help it.

When they tried to speak portuguese oh my God! Sebastian even tried to sing a popular portuguese song, in portuguese of course. Hillarious! 

During " A mi manera" David tripped on one of the steps and almost fell but he kept singing. While Sebastian and Carlos were singing David tried to "explain" Urs what happened and, a few moments later (still while singing) he made fun of himself, going down the steps again and ending in a ballerina pose, showing that he could in fact do it without falling, Urs had to turn his face away because he was on the verge of bursting out laughing. Of course the entire audience laughed pretty hard. Honestly my face hurt!

Carlos is always the same charm, claiming he's the only one that's single and that he's looking for that special lady, etc... now where did I heard that before? lol. Sometimes I don't know if I was laughing because of what they were saying or because of what I remembered. 

They have another concert today, in fact they should be half way through it by now. Too bad it ended so quickly. And unfortunately they didn't sing one of my favourite songs, "La Fuerza Maior" oh well.

Oh I almost forgot, there were these 2 ladies next to my mom's friend, one of them (who was apparently a huge Carlos fan) was completely hysterical which ended up being quite annoying. The couple behind her had to move from their seats, fortunately they had 2 in front of me. Come one! She was about 50 probably more, not exactly a teenager.

I did manage to take a few pics, I've tried to take them when there was more light, otherwise they would have ended up too dark to see anything. I have 14 pics, not much but I didn't have front row seats so... but overall I think they came out quite good. I'll post them on my next post,I promise.

Just a note, why the hell was Urs wearing red gloves?! When he changed to the grey outfit. Lol.
Ok,it's a week and a half for Il Divo (10 days exactly) and so far I'm pretty clueless on what to wear, the weather has been really unstable, either it's raining, or it's sunny and cold. 

The tickets have been "looking" at me for weeks now lol:
Maybe I should wait a little more to see how the weather for next week is going to be. Argh! I need some inspirantion...