I've been wanting to try these for quite some time, the problem is I don't seem to find a place to buy them lol. I've tried local backeries and so far no luck. Don't they look delicious? 
I'm also searching for an easy recipe, in case all else fails lol. There are so many recipies to choose from... any suggestions?

21/06/2012 3:26am

My sister and her daughters are going to attend a macaron baking session, though I'm not sure when. Maybe I can get the recipe for you. Remind me at a later date ;)

21/06/2012 4:18am

Ohhh nice! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you LOL.

31/07/2012 5:54pm

Hey, not sure if I told you but my sister didn't attend the macaron baking session, it was another baking class :P So you know what this means, right? No recipe from me! Sorry.

How did it go? Did you make any?

01/08/2012 10:11am

No I haven't tried them yet, but since I'm on vacations now (yay!!!) I might pretty soon. I'll post it when I do, don't worry :)


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