Oh my... I ate so much yesterday... too many desserts to choose from lol, not my fault, they were there and it would be a shame not to eat them (who am I trying to convince?). Anyway, it was good day.

Ohhh and in less then 3 weeks I'm going to see Il Divo live... I have to start planning or I'll end up getting too busy and when the time comes I'll freak out.

This week is going to be a long one and I just want it to be over fast!

14/04/2012 7:51am

Maybe being busy is good...time flies when you're fully occupied!

Il Divo coming soon...have fun!

14/04/2012 1:07pm

It reallyyyyy flies! I can't believe it's in 2 weeks lol and I should really planning for the day :)

I'm sure I'll have fun and I'll try to take photos.


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