Finally, my cd arrived today and, surprise, it had a bonus DVD (why didn't I realise it?), which has a few songs of the one I bought yesterday lol. Why do I always ended up with several copies (or partial copies) of the same thing?! Hahahah! Anyway, it was worth it and I've just waited 3 days. Amazon is the best!

Ok, I must go and get ready to leave and do some work lol.

08/04/2012 6:59am

Maybe you should've read the product description on Amazon better LOL I always look at a few of the items and make a comparison. They always have a few versions of the same album, like ID's British and US versions can be different.

Hope you're enjoying the CD/DVD :)

08/04/2012 9:51am

Oh I did, but for some reason I didn't realise it lol. I must have been asleep or probably I saw so many things and ended up confusing them all. But I'm happy with the surprise hahahah!

Yes they do have different versions which is a pain sometimes.

Oh yes, I'm veryyyyy happy with them. It was worth it. And I even "converted" the husband of friend of mine lol.


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