First of many posts... I hope...

Sometimes I just need a place where I can just let it all out. I just hope I can keep motivated to write whatever comes to mind and with a bit of luck, something interesting might com up lol.

Obviously I still don't have anything interesting to say hahaha!

01/04/2012 8:15pm

It's me again :) You'll find things to say once you get started ;) How about some of your hometown? The tradition/customs you grew up in? Of course, you'll have to blog about your first Il Divo concert experience ;) Or simply some girly stuff like what to wear to the concert or what you bought...

Btw, the font for comments seem very small, I hope you have no problem reading it.

02/04/2012 7:25am

Thank you so much for all your comments! Honestly! I might follow your suggestions lol. Yeah the font was quite small and not very easy to read, I had to change it :)


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