Yesterday was frustraiting... I went to this store website, that shall remain namless, to check if they had a CD I wanted. Apparently it was available and there I went to the store to get it. When I got there and asked what I wanted the guy said they only had the DVD and if I wanted the CD they could order it but it could take up to one and a half months because it was imported. I thought to myself "What?! It comes from Germany, does it take that long to get here?! It must travel on foot..." Not only that but I got the feeling the guy though I was asking for an alien thing...

Anyway, I thanked the guy and said "no thanks" and I ended up ordering it from Amazon, it will just cost me about 2 euros more than it would if I had bought it at the store, shipping included, and I don't have to wait a month for it.

The funny thing is I feel tempted to buy the DVD though, because Amazon just has the imported version from US. Although I'm not sure if the one they had at the store is also imported.

Don't these people listen to good music?! 

01/04/2012 8:40pm

Talking about CD/DVD, I just spent a fortune buying a Il Volo Takes Flight CD/DVD over the weekend. I think these boys are very promising, as long as they are handled right and are allowed to grow like regular teenagers whenever possible.

Their CD/DVD is even more expensive than Il Divo's Wicked Game CD/DVD, can you believe that? But I have no regrets, it's a very enjoyable DVD and the CD is the live recording of their concert. But of course, nobody comes close to Il Divo, not in my heart anyway ;)

02/04/2012 2:09am

Yeah trying to compare anyone to Il Divo it's just... not even close lol.

Well like I usually say, if it's worth it then you should buy it, if you can afford it of course.

My CD is supposed to be dispached today from the UK, so it will be here soon, I hope. :)


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