Wow it's this month already that I'm going to see Il Divo live. I can't wait! It's the first time I'm going to see them so... it's going to be great!

Hum... I sounded a little too excited hahaha!


01/04/2012 8:09pm

Hey, Clara, you have a blog! I like the name of your blog and the sunflower pic.

So you're going to see the guys this month huh? I look forward to reading about your experience and seeing the pics and videos took (you are going to take them, aren't you?).

I will have to bookmark this site since there's no Follow button ;)

02/04/2012 2:04am

Hey Judy!
Thank you so much for your comments!
Yes I'm going to see them (weeeeeeeeee!) I'll try to take pics, although my seats are good (VIP seats) they're not upfront, so I have no idea if I'll be able to take good pics. Yes I went insane and payed a fortune for the tickets but it's worth it.
Thanks for bookmarking me. Yes it doesn't have a follow button :(

03/04/2012 6:19am

Psst...I updated my blog with your link ;)

At least you have the chance to splurge on the guys. I saved up for more than a year only to have no concert to go to :(

03/04/2012 6:30am

Really?! What happened? Was it canceled? So sorry to hear that...

Thanks for adding the link :)

03/04/2012 3:33pm

No, they didn't stop by Singapore en route to Korea :(. They went to Jakarta instead :(

03/04/2012 3:43pm

So unfair... I hate when that happens. And believe me, here happens a lot! It really sucks when you want to see an artist live only to find out they're not coming to your country. Really annoying.


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