I've been sick for a few weeks, but fortunately I'm fine now (I hope). Apart from being sick I've also been busy. But I feel I need to get back to things I enjoy doing, I have ponies to finish, ponies to custom and so on. However I haven't been feeling inspired to do those things at all, plus I need to tide up some stuff too and I don't feel like doing that either. In fact I don't feel like doing much lately... I'm guessing that's because I was sick recently but still... *sigh* my muse needs to come back and fast. I need some excitement in my life!

I'll try to post more often and write much more interesting posts, these last couple of posts are a bit depressing

22/11/2012 3:49pm

Hugs. Hope you get out of your funk soon. One day at a time, one thing at a time :)

22/11/2012 4:13pm

Thank you for listening :) I'll be fine soon :)


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