Well since I collect My Little Ponies I've come across a few that need some restoration, new manes and tails. So, I've decided to give it a try. It was quite fun actually :)

Here's a pic of what she used to look like, her name is Gipsy:
And here is what she looks like now, sorry about the grainy photo:
I have 2 more that are done, they just need some hair styling before I take pics lol.

25/04/2012 11:55pm

Hey, what a transformation! You can practically see Gypsy growing and maturing. Well done!

Oh, My daughter once had a My Pony cake, with a blue pony on top of the cake. That was almost 20 years ago...the pony has long since been gone :( I'm kind of glad though that she did not develope a love for collecting ponies...couldn't have afforded it :P

26/04/2012 2:54am

Yes it does look she has grown up LOL. Ponies aren't that expensive, depending of course on how rare they are, but it's still "an investment". I'm glad I collect ponies instead of... lets say... cars lol.


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