Why, why record companies tend to record different versions of the same album? Why? Sometimes there's the US version, the European version and Asian version. Usually most of them have the same songs/music but they also have others which aren't in the other versions. What happens? We end up buying them all and having 3 or 4 recordings of the same thing. 

Why not having 1 version for the entire world? Ok, maybe 2 if it's a special edition. That would make my life so much easier... decisions, decisions. Lol

12/04/2012 6:05am

Hi Clara! I like your blog! You talk about stuff that I wonder too! Like all those different versions of albums! I think it all comes down to the mighty dollar......and if the record company can make more money by doing it.....then they will. :)

Anyhow, your font is awesome! Which one is it? And i'm so excited that you get to see the guys for the first time! WHEEEEE! You will LOVE it. They are so, so, so AMAZING!

12/04/2012 6:49am

Thank you soooo much for your reply! :) The font I use is "Freebooter" I think lol.

Yes I'm going to see them live in about 2 weeks (wow only 2 weeks!!!), I think I will love it, in fact I'm sure of it, they're just amazing.

As for record companies... well it might be it, but it's just confusing sometimes. For example I've been searching for David Garrett's albuns (don't know if you've heard of him, he's a violinist, who happens to do crossovers. Me and crossovers... sigh...), and I've realised that there're albuns that have the same music pieces, others have a different version of the same thing. I'm resisting the urge of buying them all lol. A good thing, or not, depending on the point of view, is that they're aren't available here, or at least they weren't last time I've checked. But then again, since when that fact has stopped me from buying? lol

14/04/2012 7:48am

I am envious of the fact that your blog site allows you to have such beautiful fonts. On Wordpress, if you want a customised font you'll have to pay for it. Oh well, at least they have a whole lot of other stuff to make up for it :P

About the different versions of albums...sometimes the record company will tie up with the local retailers, usually a big one, to promote an album. For these retailers to really promote the albums, they would want to have a special edition of the album, like an additional song or a slightly different song list. One example is Il Divo's Ancora, which has an additional song, Esisti Dentro Me, which is not available on the UK version. This special edition was only sold in Barnes and Nobles, I think (I am getting old...I may have confused this with another album :P)

It all boils down to the big bucks, like T said. Sometimes they would want to package the album to suit the country, like the Wicked Game Japanese version which has a bonus track, Time To Say Goodbye in English which was recorded with a Japanese singer, Sumire.

14/04/2012 1:13pm

Well, don't be, wordpress has other things that weebly doesn't have.

About the different versions, yes I know it's all about that, although sometimes it's a bit confusing for us who buy the records. But looking on the bright side, we can use it as a good excuse to buy the other versions lol.

14/04/2012 3:59pm

Hi Clara. I finally found my way here! :) As for your question, I ask myself this same question whenever I learn that an album I bought has another version in another part of the world. Whatever happened to globalisation? I too want only one album. Streamlined. No special release for selected countries! lol

15/04/2012 6:44am

Hiiiii Caelyn! I'm so glad you left me a comment :)

Yeah I know the feeling lol. Oh well, what can we do, it happens all the time and we just have to bare with it. When I like a certain artist I usually buy the album, but when there are these other versions, I think people might download that extra piece instead of buying another version of the same album. But that's just my opinion :)


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