Oh my God, I'm so tired... this week was so long. I've started working on monday non stop until today and tomorrow I'm working again until thursday, I'm going insane lol. I do have some weird work schedules, but then again I do everything I love to do, so I can't actually complain that much.

Right now I'm just chilling and trying not to fall asleep, otherwise I might not sleep later at night. I so need vacations lol.

17/04/2012 10:21am

I hope you're not working too hard, Miss. You have Divo's coming up in a few weeks. :) You have to be rested for them. Not that I mean to be bossy, but you have to pace yourself! You can't be falling asleep in the middle of Regressa Mi or something. :P


17/04/2012 2:36pm

LOL me falling alseep?! NEVER!!! Even if I have to glue my eyelids on the back of my head, I won't shut my eyes lol.

But you are right, I need some rest, although I don't need to get up early for work, at least I can sleep a little bit more in the mornings.

Oh and speaking of their show... What am I going to wear? I know, I sounded like a teenager lol, but it's the truth, the weather has been crazy for the last few weeks. I'm sure I'll come up with something decent, I really need to. I might choose a few outfits, take pics and post them here hahahah. It might help me decide what to wear.


18/04/2012 5:15pm

Your working schedule sure is strange but I guess you get used to it.

What to wear? Why not consult your girlfriends or even your mum? Do a little fashion show for them. Or you could always post your choices here and we'll help you pick THE ONE :-)

Take care and don't overwork yourself ;)

19/04/2012 3:03am

I can consult my friends, although I'm not sure they'll be much help lol, my mom might be able to help me after I choose a few :)

I'm sure I'll post them here, not that I'm going to meet them or anything, but sometimes it's easier when you have an extra pair of fresh eyes to look into it lol.

I need a sunny day for that saturday, pretty pleaseeeee! lol


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