I've been a huge fan of J.R.R.Tolkien for quite some time. Today I was watching a few production videos for The Hobbbit film... it brought back good memories. 

The Lord of The Rings books and films are among my favourites (right at the top of the list, to be more precise), I lost track of how many times I've wacthed/read them. I really can't wait for the 1st part of The Hobbit, too bad I'll have to wait until December for that hahaha. Here's the official blog:  http://www.thehobbitblog.com/  

Maybe I should consider watching the Extended Lord of The Rings DVD's for the 1000000th time ;)

On a side note, I am feeling a little better today, the unknown sadness is still there and I also felt a little irritated/annoyed with ever