Sometimes I wish I could write a song or something alike... the thing is, sometimes is really difficult to just let all your feelings out, or you just don't know how to express them. I, for one, can't seem to express myself in my native language, which sounds a little ridiculous but it's true. All I can seem to write is in english. Maybe I still didn't find a way to trully express myself when I have and overload of feelings and emotions. Or maybe I'm just too afraid to even try and write it all down. 

Either way, I believe that those who can use those emotions to create something beautiful, may it be music or any kind of art, are trully blessed, they also allow other people to appreciate it and identify themselves with their art. If you're reading this humble post know that, no matter what kind of art you create, it's something precious and it should be appreciated...
I've been wanting to try these for quite some time, the problem is I don't seem to find a place to buy them lol. I've tried local backeries and so far no luck. Don't they look delicious? 
I'm also searching for an easy recipe, in case all else fails lol. There are so many recipies to choose from... any suggestions?
Why is it that every time I get bored at home I buy a new CD? I know, this sounds like an excuse to actually buying it LOL, but who cares. It should arrive sometime this week. Anyway, I needed to rest and today I did absolutely nothing, woke up late but I didn't care :) Right now I'm going to have to drag myself out of the couch and 
At last I have a day completely off! I had a kids aikido seminar yesterday with my students, along with other kids from other schools and I'm pretty tired, plus I had a class after it. But it went really good and I'm very proud of them.

Today I'm going to do nothing lol, maybe just watch a movie or working on my ponies, either way I'll be relaxing :) 
My mom keeps asking me why I by CD's online instead of buying them on a regular record store. 

Here's why: the CD's I tend to buy aren't available at the moment I want to buy them and when they are they end up being more expensive, or they have to be ordered and take about 2 to 4 weeks to arrive, at the very least. Recently, as in 30 minutes ago lol, I was searching for a CD and, as always the store didn't have it, they could ordered it of course BUT the price was double!!! I was like WHAT?! *looking shocked* I can order the same CD for half the price, shipping included and it arrives in 3 days. And it's not even a new release or anything, it's from 2008 if I'm not mistaken. So I could "borrow" it from the internet, sure, but I'm old fashioned I like my CD's to be original.