For some unknown reason I'm feeling sad, it started yesterday. I don't know why I'm feeling like this and although I want to cry I don't seem to be able to. All I know is that I don't like to feel this way at all, being sort of depressed is nothing like me. When I'm like this I try not to speak much because if I do I'll probably hurt someone. I'll be giving a class later on today and I'm hoping I'll feel better afterwards.

Maybe it's the unstable weather, I don't know...

30/05/2012 10:52pm

Hey Girl! Didn't know you were feeling depressed :( Hugs. Maybe it was just PMS? Perhaps it could be the weather too. Sometimes gloomy weather makes me gloomy too. Talk to me if you ever feel this way again. I'm Aunt_Abby LOL

31/05/2012 4:23am

Thank youuuuu! I know I can talk to you even if we're half the world in between :)

I really don't know what it was, either way I'm good now, except for the fact that I need a really long vacation :P


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