Oh my... yesterday was amazing! Absolutely... ok I'm speachless... not only that but they're so funny, specially David and they're also such gentlemen. For some "unknown" reason, I've remembered all sorts of things when I first saw them, maybe it was because of certain fictions... lol. I just couldn't help it.

When they tried to speak portuguese oh my God! Sebastian even tried to sing a popular portuguese song, in portuguese of course. Hillarious! 

During " A mi manera" David tripped on one of the steps and almost fell but he kept singing. While Sebastian and Carlos were singing David tried to "explain" Urs what happened and, a few moments later (still while singing) he made fun of himself, going down the steps again and ending in a ballerina pose, showing that he could in fact do it without falling, Urs had to turn his face away because he was on the verge of bursting out laughing. Of course the entire audience laughed pretty hard. Honestly my face hurt!

Carlos is always the same charm, claiming he's the only one that's single and that he's looking for that special lady, etc... now where did I heard that before? lol. Sometimes I don't know if I was laughing because of what they were saying or because of what I remembered. 

They have another concert today, in fact they should be half way through it by now. Too bad it ended so quickly. And unfortunately they didn't sing one of my favourite songs, "La Fuerza Maior" oh well.

Oh I almost forgot, there were these 2 ladies next to my mom's friend, one of them (who was apparently a huge Carlos fan) was completely hysterical which ended up being quite annoying. The couple behind her had to move from their seats, fortunately they had 2 in front of me. Come one! She was about 50 probably more, not exactly a teenager.

I did manage to take a few pics, I've tried to take them when there was more light, otherwise they would have ended up too dark to see anything. I have 14 pics, not much but I didn't have front row seats so... but overall I think they came out quite good. I'll post them on my next post,I promise.

Just a note, why the hell was Urs wearing red gloves?! When he changed to the grey outfit. Lol.

02/05/2012 10:31am

Hi Miss! Sounds like you had an amazing time! I'm so happy for you! I remember in Belgium just sitting through the entire thing with the dumbest grin on my face. They just make a person happy. And the music is so so beautiful. I'ts awful to have an annoying person beside you.......if you're going to behave like that, stay home. And sorry, but as if Carlos is going to look at you. (I mean that for the annoying woman, not us fabulous girls. :) )

I'm so glad you had an amazing time! I can feel your excitement from you post. :D Yay, girl!!


02/05/2012 2:10pm

Hiiiiiiii, T.! How are you?

Yes I loved the show and I'm sure I had a silly grin on my face all the time too. The music and their voices are just amazing.

It was really annoying and she wasn't right next to me but even so... My mom later commented that she heard that woman say/suggest she was interested in... well you know, other things. She kind of reminded me of that character on Judy's fic, the one that was the cause of Carlos and Caroline breakup. Even by the way she looked like, way over dressed for the event. You're right, people that behave like that should stay at home. I expect such behaviour from teenagers not from mature women.

Anyway, I'm going to edit the pics I took before posting them. I'll try to do it fast so everyone can see them :)

03/05/2012 1:20am

You mean the character I created in ALG actually exists??? Wow! Maybe that irritating woman read ALG and thought she might stand a chance being that character I created LOL

I'm so glad you had a great time at the concert. Did you take any Urs in red gloves pictures? Would love to see that! Why would he wear gloves? Is he trying to create a trend here? I read somewhere that he explained about the gloves (was it B's review in T's blog?) but it still wasn't too clear the reason behind the gloves. By the sound of it in your post, he must have looked odd in the gloves...was he?

Waiting anxiously for your pics...*wink wink*

03/05/2012 3:16am

Apparently she exists lol, I don't think she dressed exactly like the character but I'm sure the whole behaviour and stuff was pretty close. And the funny thing is she was a Carlos fan... what a coincidence lol.

I went to check the pics, I don't think it shows much of his gloves, he was a bit far :( I tried to take pics when there was more light but I confess, sometimes I completely forgot to take them, all their fault of course lol. He didn't exactly looked odd, but he was the only one wearing them.

I'll try to post them tonight :)))


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