I must have been inspired today. Not only I was able to work on my ponies but the result (so far) came out really good. 

It's far from done of course, but I'm pretty happy with it, it was all made free-hand, which for is a big thing lol. She still doesn't have mane and tail, but I'm very proud of what I've done :) I still don't have a name for her, but I have to time to think about it when it's done.

Here's a pic:
Ok, not the best of pics but when she's done I'll take another one :)

10/08/2012 1:46pm

So pretty, Miss Clara! You are very talented and artistic! Nicely done!

10/08/2012 2:35pm

Thank you! It's the first time someone called talented and artistic LOL :)

29/08/2012 4:50pm

Well, here's the second time someone calls you artistic and talented ;) I didn't know the head is removable..

29/08/2012 4:56pm

Thank you Judy! ;)

Yes you can remove the head with a little hot water to melt the glue lol.


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