Ok so I've got 2 tops I'm considering wearing, probably with black pants or leggings, depends on which one I'll choose. I have a few cute tops and dresses, however they're more fit for summer :(  

Here's a photo of each top, I don't think the pics will them justice but here goes:

Number 1
Number 2
I think I might freez in this one lol. They're not exactly the same colour.
I don't want anything too fancy, but not too "blah" either... maybe I'm over thinking things. Tomorrow I might go through my closet again.

24/04/2012 3:11am

i like #2. Pair it with dress pants and you're good to go ;)

24/04/2012 3:16am

LOL. who is Kudu?? Me?!! This is what happens when you type on a train :P

24/04/2012 3:20am

LOL. I typed something and it didn't get posted?! I meant to say that there is no Kudu, just Judy :P. This is what happens when you type on a train...

24/04/2012 4:06am

Kudu is your alter-ego, you just don't know it LOL.

I like number 2 and for some reason I thought you might too. Alhough it looks like a dress it's not long enough, I'll have to try it out and see how it looks. I'm glad tomorrow is a national holiday and hopefully I'll have time to look into it. :)

24/04/2012 6:13am

Hehehe...alter-ego? Surely I can have a better name than that!

I think number 2 is more suited for the occasion ;)

24/04/2012 1:31pm

LOL yes I'm sure you would find a better name LOL. Yes I agree on number 2. I'll try to find a decent coat or something to wear on top of it. Wow it's in 4 days!!! And although it's a saturday I'm going to have a busy day.

26/04/2012 12:05am

Enjoy yourself! The concert will be spectacular :)

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