This week I took my violin for a collegue of mine to see. I've found out it's about 50/60 years old, has a very good sound, it's a replica of a Stradivarius and it's in a very good shape. One of the strings is missing and the other 3 need to be replaced in the correct order. I was also told that it really worth it to it. That was a surprise because I honestly didn't know what I have. I don't play it (yet... who knows, maybe I'll start) but I've always loved its sound. The piano and the violin are, in fact, my favourite musical instruments.

Speaking of music, apparently everytime one of my friends listens to my David Garrett's CD they immediately want to borrow it. Very few people actually know who he is, or so it seems, and I swear I don't earn anything from it... maybe I should LOL. Then again, I'm glad to know I'm a good influence hahahah!

21/05/2012 1:03am

You have a treasure in your hands and you didn't know it? If you don't play it then why do you have a violin? You must have learnt it when you were young?

21/05/2012 3:20am

I've always liked the sound of it and the instrument itself. I never had the chance to learn it. My mom gave it to me a few years ago because she knows I love the sound of it. It's never too late to learn and maybe someday I will (or my unborn children).

It's not exactly a treasure, so to speak, but it's better than I thought lol because it was bought at a kind of an antique store. Either way I like it very much like if it was mine all along... sounds a little weird :)


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